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No. Title Released Details
SA08-01 Electric shock from a high-voltage test set PDF 89.2 KB
SA08-12 Anti-friction washer ignites 19 Dec 2008 PDF 93.8 KB
SA08-11 Worker crushed by sliding backhoe 28 Oct 2008 PDF 128.9 KB
SA08-10 Damage to oxygen self-rescue units 18 Sep 2008 PDF 55.7 KB
SA08-09 Workers injured on work platform attached to load haul dump 19 Aug 2008 PDF 44.6 KB
SA08-08 Overheated tryes require miners to use self-rescuers 16 Jul 2008 PDF 139.5 KB
SA08-07 Operator crushed between longwall roof support and AFC pan line 20 Jun 2008 PDF 58.2 KB
SA08-06 Worker falls through guardrail 14 Apr 2008 PDF 99.7 KB
SA08-05 Miner's arm injured using drill rig 20 Mar 2008 PDF 125.6 KB
SA08-04 Failure of explosion-protected characteristics of a diesel engine system 22 Jan 2008 PDF 75.7 KB
SA08-02 Electric shock direct contact with high voltage 09 Jan 2008 PDF 156.2 KB
SA08-03 Lightning strikes stationary truck 09 Jan 2008 PDF 221.1 KB