Mechanical Engineering Strategy - Key Risk Report

A report detailing key risks which have historically caused catastrophic consequences (multiple fatalities) and an unacceptable number of injuries and single fatalities has been developed by NSW Trade & Investment mechanical engineering inspectors.

The department has allocated resources to the key risk areas identified in the report to assist industry in significantly reducing the number of incidents in future.

Key risk areas covered in the report are;

  • Winding equipment
  • Diesel engine systems
  • Conveyor belting material
  • Welding and cutting
  • High pressure hydraulic equipment
  • Bolting and drilling systems
  • Mobile and transportable equipment
  • Lifting equipment

Additional key risks for mechanical engineering

Other key risk areas include;

  • Contact with moving or rotating plant
  • Access to mechanical plant and structures
  • Inadequate energy dissipation and isolation
  • Circumstances leading to uncontrolled fires
  • Ignition of flammable and explosive substances
  • Fire and/or explosion initiated by plant in or near hazardous zones or hazardous areas
  • Handling, transportation and use of dangerous goods
  • Exposure to hazardous and toxic substances
  • Exposure to noise, vibration and temperature