The Investigation Unit publishes reports on incidents as a useful resource for industry. The reports provide:

  • information useful for a risk assessment
  • cause and circumstance of the incident
  • findings
  • best practice
  • action taken after the incident
  • relevant published reference material

Slide presentations are also published and are a useful resource for toolbox talks. They include a summary of the published report and photographs to help better understand the incident.

Causal investigation - shaft winder

Date of incident: 5 September 2018

Location: Tahmoor Colliery

Two workers at Tahmoor Colliery became trapped in the No. 3 shaft friction winder,162 metres below ground on 5 September 2018, when the electrical protection operated in response to a significant disturbance in the alignment of the balance ropes.

Causal investigation [PDF, 1646.44 KB]

VIDEO: Learning from investigations: Workers trapped in shaft winder

Underground conveyor equipment incident puts workers at risk

Date of incident: 29 August 2017

Location: Ulan West Operations underground coal mine, near Mudgee

During a conveyor extension on a flexible conveyor train, seven workers sustained minor injuries when the boot end was unexpectedly dragged about 16 metres.

Causal investigation [PDF, 3021.78 KB]

Serious injury from diesel fire

Date of incident: 10 August 2017

Location: Mt Arthur coal mine

A 29-year-old contract worker suffered serious burns to his face, neck, torso and arms when a fire started while he was refuelling a diesel-powered tyre handler at Mt Arthur Coal’s heavy vehicle refuelling facility.

Causal investigation [PDF, 1467.45 KB]

VIDEO: Learning from Investigations: Refuelling Mobile Plant

Causal investigation Wongawilli Colliery

Date of incident: 4 July 2017

Location: Wongawilli Colliery underground coal mine, near Wollongong

While operating in an underground coal mine a catastrophic failure of a diesel engine system occurred. This resulted in internal engine components being ejected from a cylinder block and being exposed to the mine atmosphere. The temperature of the ejected components created an ignition source which had the potential to cause an explosion.

Causal investigation [PDF, 833.97 KB]

Fatality on surface of underground coal mine

Date of incident: 1 June 2017

Location: Wongawilli Colliery underground coal mine, near Wollongong

A worker, aged 48, and contractors were conducting soil sampling and clean-up works around the Wongawilli No.1 ventilation shaft as part of the rehabilitation of the disused mine surface infrastructure. The worker told contractors he felt unwell and left the work site alone in a light vehicle to seek medical attention. The worker was later found by the contractors lying on the ground near the light vehicle on the access road about 1.5 kilometres from the ventilation shaft.

Investigation report [PDF, 96.4 KB]

Mixed dust pneumoconiosis - Worker X

Date of incident: 19 December 2016

Location: Wongawilli Colliery underground coal mine, near Wollongong

On 19 December 2016, NSW Coal Services Pty Ltd notified the Resources Regulator that Worker X was diagnosed with mixed dust pneumoconiosis. Worker X retired in 2014 after more than 30 years working in the open cut coal mining industry.

Investigation report [PDF, 2747.83 KB]

Fatality from serious head injury

Date of incident: 13 December 2016

Location: Rix's Creek mine

Stephen Norman, 53, was fatally injured at the Rix’s Creek Mine northwest of Singleton. Mr Norman and two other workers manually cleaned out a coal haulage trailer. The method the three workers used to access the trailer involved Mr Norman prying open the tailgate at the rear of the trailer while the other two workers lifted the tailgate up. The tailgate fell and Mr Norman suffered serious head injuries.

Investigation report [PDF, 2531.59 KB]

Fatality at Lightning Ridge

Date of incident: 4 November 2016

Location: Lightning Ridge

The death of Mark Siegel at mineral claim 44507 near Lightning Ridge.

Investigation report [PDF, 2290.37 KB]

Serious injury of a mine worker through fall from height

Date of incident: 1 February 2016

Location: Sibelco sand plant

A 57-year-old worker fell 2.7 m from the platform of an articulated dump truck and suffered serious head injuries at Sibelco Sand plant.

Investigation report [PDF, 5601.08 KB]

Serious injury of an operator while driving

Date of incident: 22 January 2016

Location: Mannering Colliery, Doyalson

An operator was driving a load haul dump (LHD) vehicle in an underground roadway at Mannering Colliery when a damaged roof support strap entered the open cab and hit the operator in the head.

Investigation Report [PDF, 4060.18 KB]

Worker injured when struck by pipe

Date of incident: 26 November 2015

Location: Ulan West Operations, Ulan, NSW

A worker was injured when a pipe end known as a ‘pressure manifold’ separated from the end of a polypropylene pipe during a pressurised leak test.

Causal investigation [PDF, 1874.38 KB]

Fatality when crushed in pinch point

Date of incident: 6 September 2015

Location: Ridgeway Mine, Cadia Valley operations, Cadia, NSW

Investigation into the death of Lee Peters, who was fatally injured when he was crushed in a pinch point between a piece of mining plant, known as a Jacon Maxijet water cannon, and a mine wall.

Investigation report [PDF, 3732.62 KB]

Fatality when crushed between platform and steel beam

Date of incident: 21 May 2014

Location: Boggabri Coal Mine

Mark Daniel Galton, a 51 year old rigger, died when his head and neck were crushed between a mobile elevated work platform and the underside of a steel beam.

Investigation report [PDF, 6655.42 KB]

Double fatality due to major rib/sidewall pressure burst

Date of incident: 15 April 2014

Location: Austar Coal Mine, Paxton, NSW Hunter Valley

Investigation into the deaths of James Mitchell and Phillip Grant. The men died when a major rib/sidewall pressure burst occurred in a longwall development roadway during mining operations.

Investigation report [PDF, 12226.79 KB]

Following the incident, Emeritus Professor Jim Galvin, and Professor Bruce Hebblewhite (the authors) were engaged by the Mine Safety Investigation Unit, of the then NSW Department of Trade and Investment to assist with the investigation into the incident. Specifically, the authors were instructed to review all available information pertaining to the incident, with a view to assisting the Investigation Unit in the determination of the cause(s) of the incident. This is an extract from their report to the department.

Extract of consultant's report on double fatality at Austar Coal Mine [PDF, 3531.26 KB]

Fatal collision between haul dump truck and light vehicle

Date of incident: 30 November 2013

Location: Ravensworth open cut mine

Investigation into a fatal collision between a Caterpillar 793 haul dump truck and a Toyota Landcruiser.

Investigation report [PDF, 3351.6 KB]

Fatal injuries sustained

Date of incident: 16 March 2013

Location: Cobar mine

Investigation into the death of a worker who sustained serious head injuries while riding in a kibble that was being raised through a dual platform stage in the No.1 shaft about 1041 metres below the surface of the mine.

Investigation report [PDF, 1642.64 KB]

Fatal injuries sustained through fall from height

Date of incident: 7 March 2013

Location: Lightning Ridge

Investigation into the death of a man found at the bottom of mine shaft through a suspected fall from height.

Investigation report [PDF, 1351.64 KB]

Serious injuries caused by drill rig incident

Date of incident: 12 August 2012

Location: Ashton coal mine

A 26-year-old drill rig operator was seriously injured at the Ashton coal mine in the NSW Hunter Valley.

Investigation report []

Serious injuries sustained by mine worker

Date of incident: 8 June 2012

Location: Perilya Broken Hill Southern Operations Mine, Broken Hill

Investigation into the serious injury of a mine worker, who fell from an elevated loader bucket during mining operations.

Investigation report [PDF, 2851.58 KB]

Serious injuries sustained by delivery truck driver

Date of incident: 7 December 2011

Location: Tasman Mine

A truck driver was injured while unloading their truck when a mesh load slipped and crushed the driver between a mesh bundle, the truck and the ground.

Investigation report [PDF, 1069.9 KB]

Worker exposed to significant risk of drowning

Date of incident: 15 May 2011

Location: Mount Thorley Warkworth mine, near Singleton

A mine worker was exposed to significant risk when he reversed a Caterpillar CAT D11T and sunk into an unmarked deep water sump.

Investigation report [PDF, 1491.85 KB]

Fatal injury from falling coal slab

Date of incident: 3 June 2011

Location: Chain Valley Colliery

A mine worker sustained fatal injuries when they were crushed by a slab of coal that fell from the rib (wall).

Investigation report [PDF, 4972.68 KB]

Fire and explosion on Longwall 1 Tailgate

Date of incident: 5 January 2011

Location: Blakefield South mine

This report sets out the events leading up to, and examines the possible causes of, an underground explosion. There were 47 people working in the mine at the time of the explosion; all were evacuated safely.

Investigation report [PDF, 2407.89 KB]

CABA T-piece failure - Bureau Veritas [PDF, 1775.95 KB]

Examination of materials - JW Munday and Associates [PDF, 726.39 KB]

Potential lightning ignition sources - Gillespie Power Consultancy [PDF, 769.94 KB]

Technical report - Gillies Wu Mining Technology [PDF, 4356.95 KB]

Serious inrush incident - Cadia East

Date of incident: 21 February 2010

Location: Cadia East Underground mine

Multiple mine workers located within the mine workings were at risk of injury when an inrush of water and mud exited from the base of a 5m diameter raise bore shaft being developed.

Investigation report extract [PDF, 797.22 KB]

Investigation Report [PDF, 2586.82 KB]

Powerpoint presentation [PDF, 773.98 KB]

Fatality caused by recoiling pipe during directional boring

Date of incident: 1 August 2009

Location: Eastern Star Gas, Narrabri

Fatality of a sub-contractor struck by a recoiling 200mm polyethylene pipeline during pipe extraction using 10mm chain components and excavator bucket.

Investigation report [PDF, 737.33 KB]

Powerpoint presentation [PDF, 693.23 KB]

Fatality during maintenance of shearer loader in underground coal mine

Date of incident: 4 April 2009

Location: Integra undergound coal mine

Powerpoint presentation [PDF, 311.97 KB]

Serious head injury sustained from human interaction with a backhoe

Date of incident: 24 August 2008

Location: Cadia Valley Operations

Serious head injury of a mine worker struck by a log extracted from a log pile by a backhoe.

Investigation report [PDF, 1336.98 KB]

Powerpoint presentation [PDF, 654.61 KB]

Longwall service cassettes - serious injury

Date of incident: 21 August 2008

Location: Beltana mine

Serious crush injury to lower leg while coupling longwall service sleds on surface of underground coal mine.

Summary investigation report [PDF, 424.34 KB]

Powerpoint presentation [PDF, 417.02 KB]

Bolting rig, ejection of drill steel

Date of incident: 25 July 2008

Location: Myuna Colliery

Fatality resultant of an earlier injury sustained when a person was struck on the foot by a drill steel. The drill steel fell onto the drill carriageway and was caught as the drill head was retracted.

Investigation report [PDF, 650.8 KB]

Powerpoint presentation [PDF, 316.21 KB]

Serious injury caused by the inadvertent rotation of a bolting rig

Date of incident: 3 March 2008

Location: Austar underground coal mine

Amputation of lower arm by mine worker by continuous miner mounted hydraulic roof bolting equipment

Summary investigation report [PDF, 343.74 KB]

Powerpoint presentation [PDF, 642.12 KB]

Safety Alert [PDF, 505.9 KB]

Unintended activation of loading bin

Date of incident: 18 February 2008

Location: Ravensworth underground coal mine coal preparation plant

Fatality of a contract truck driver located in a non FOPS road registered truck cabin underneath a surface loading bin.

Investigation report [PDF, 754.84 KB]

Powerpoint presentation [PDF, 690.57 KB]

Electric shock on 3.3kV equipment at Liddel Deakin

Date of incident: 15 November 2007

Location: Liddell Coal preparation plant

A coal preparation plant technician received an electric shock and burns when he touched a live 3.3kV electrical circuit when accessing an electrical cabinet.

Summary investigation report [PDF, 343.74 KB]

Powerpoint presentation [PDF, 642.12 KB]

Safety Alert [PDF, 505.9 KB]

Serious injury caused by fall from height

Date of incident: 6 November 2007

Location: Perilya Broken Hill Southern Operations

A mine worker received serious injury from a 2.5m fall through a handrail of a raised underground walkway onto a concrete floor. Isolated location of the mine, unable to communicate the incident for rescue, found over 3 hours later.

Investigation report [PDF, 624.94 KB]

Powerpoint presentation [PDF, 686.26 KB]

Fatal injuries sustained from remote-controlled mining equipment

Date of incident: 9 January 2007

Location: Perilya underground metal mine

Fatality of a mineworker operating a remote controlled loader machine at an ore draw point when he became trapped between the loader and the wall of the drawpoint access drive.

Summary investigation report [PDF, 241.62 KB]

Powerpoint presentation [PDF, 414.58 KB]

Elevated work platform incident resulting in injuries

Date of incident: 21 March 2006

Location: Bulga open cut mine

Two maintenance contractors received crush injuries located in an elevated work platform, replacing hoist ropes on a mining shovel

Investigation report [PDF, 550.47 KB]

Powerpoint presentation [PDF, 218.77 KB]

Electrical shock during maintenance activities

Date of incident: 20 June 2005*

Location: Dartbrook Colliery coal preparation plant

Electric shock received by contract electrician during maintenance of a live 11kV switchboard.

Powerpoint presentation [PDF, 378.39 KB]

Serious spinal injury sustained during relocation of remote-controlled continuous miner

Date of incident: 12 July 2004*

Location: Clarence Colliery underground coal mine

Serious spinal injury (paraplegia) caused to worker located on the rear of the conveyor boom during the relocation of a continuous miner machine.

Summary investigation report [PDF, 68.25 KB]

Powerpoint presentation [PDF, 264.93 KB]

Serious head injury from chain components

Date of incident: 28 May 2004

Location: Metropolitan Colliery underground coal mine

Serious head injury sustained by mine worker struck by failed 20mm herc-alloy chain components.

Summary investigation report [PDF, 60.4 KB]

Powerpoint presentation [PDF, 440.56 KB]

Drift winder haulage, winder rope failure

Date of incident: 6 May 1999*

Location: Wyee Colliery underground coal mine

High potential incident when a drift winder haulage rope broke whilst hauling a man riding trolley and load of equipment.

Summary investigation report [PDF, 84.5 KB]

Powerpoint presentation [PDF, 790.25 KB]

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