The Investigation Unit publishes reports on incidents as a useful resource for industry. The reports provide:

  • information useful for a risk assessment
  • cause and circumstance of the incident
  • findings
  • best practice
  • action taken after the incident
  • relevant published reference material
Date of incidentIncidentLocation Investigation information releaseReportResources
21 March 2019 Causal investigation - Workers evacuated after gas levels rise Metropolitan Colliery, Helensburgh, NSW IIR19-02 -  
5 February 2019 Worker injured releasing jammed conveyor chain Springvale Colliery, Lithgow, NSW IIR19-03 -  
24 November 2018 Diesel flowing from a tank breather assembly causes fire on a service truck Maules Creek Mine, Boggabri, NSW IIR18-15 -  
3 November 2018 Tyre handler fatality Bengalla Coal Mine, Muswellbrook NSW IIR18-11 -  
22 October 2018 Grader operator suffers serious head injuries Mt Arthur Coal Mine, Muswellbrook NSW IIR18-10 -  
17 October 2018 Non-work-related death at an open cut coal mine Wilpinjong Coal Mine, Wilpinjong NSW IIR18-12 -  
5 September 2018 Causal investigation - Workers trapped in shaft winder Tahmoor Colliery


Causal investigation

Learning from investigations: Workers trapped in shaft winder

29 July 2018 Fall from height Cowal Gold Mine, West Wyalong IIR18-14 -  
23 July 2018 Serious injury at an open cut coal mine Bulga Surface Operations, Singleton NSW IIR18-07 -  
5 July 2018 Serious injuries at an underground coal mine Springvale Mine, Lidsdale NSW IIR18-06 -  
4 July 2018 Serious injuries at an underground coal mine Clarence Colliery, Clarence NSW IIR 18-05 -  
7 June and 26 July 2018 Illegal fossicking Meroo River near Avisford, 35 km west of Mudgee NSW IIR18-08 -  
21 April 2018 Serious injury at open cut coal mine Maules Creek Mine, Maules Creek NSW IIR18-03 -  
10 April 2018 Shot firing incident damages vehicles Albury Quarry, Albury NSW IIR19-01 -  
2 April 2018 Serious injury at open cut coal mine Werris Creek No 2 Coal Mine, Werris Creek NSW IIR18-02 -  
23 January 2018 Ignition of methane at continuous miner working face Chain Valley Colliery – Vales Point NSW IIR18-04 -  
17 January 2018 Fatality at open cut coal mine Glendell Open Cut Mine, Ravensworth NSW



14 December 2017Coal worker pneumoconiosis - Worker YVarious-Investigation report

Dust safety in the metals and extractives industries booklet

Airborne contaminants principal hazard management plan guidance for NSW mining and petroleum industries

Fact sheet airborne contaminants

29 August 2017 Causal investigation - Underground conveyor equipment incident puts workers at risk Ulan West Operations underground coal mine


Causal investigation 
10 August 2017 Serious injury from diesel fire Mt Arthur coal mine


Investigation report

Learning from investigations: Refuelling mobile plant

4 July 2017 Causal investigation - Catastrophic engine failure in an underground coal mine Wongawilli Colliery



Causal investigation 
1 June 2017 Fatality on the surface of underground coal mine Wongawilli Colliery IIR17-07Investigation report 
17 May 2017 Dangerous shotfiring incident Moolarben coal mine IIR17-08Investigation report 
14 May 2017 Fatality in underground metalliferous mine Perilya Southern Operations, Broken Hill NSW



3 April 2017 Fatality in underground metalliferous mine Peak Gold Mines, Cobar, NSW IIR17-04 -  
24 December 2016 Light vehicle collides with mine entry gate Mount Arthur Coal Mine, Muswellbrook, NSW IIR 17-01 -  
19 December 2016 Mixed dust pneumoconiosis - Worker X Wongawilli Colliery


Investigation report

Appendix A – Worker X Respirable dust exposure and the associated risk of pneumoconiosis

Appendix B – Fact sheet Airborne Contaminants – Open cut coal mines

Appendix C – Targeted Assessment Program Consolidated report – Worker exposure to respirable dust, NSW underground coal mines, final report

Appendix D – Targeted Assessment Program Consolidated report – Airborne contaminants in underground metalliferous mines

13 December 2016 Fatality from serious head injury Rix's Creek mine IIR16-08Investigation report 
Various Workplace bullying Various IIR16-07 -  
4 November 2016 Fatality from falling object Lightning Ridge IIR16-06Investigation report 
10 October 2016 Excavator cabin detaches and falls Mangoola Mine, Wybong, Hunter Valley NSW IIR17-06 -  
19 August 2016 Coalburst on longwall face Austar Coal Mine IIR16-05 -  
2 August 2016 Strainburst: E26 sublevel cave (SLC) ore drive 8 Northparkes Mines IIR17-02 -  
12 March 2016 Collision between front-end loader and light vehicle Whitehaven Coal Handling Preparation Plant, Gunnedah NSW IIR16-02 -  
1 February 2016 Serious injury of a mine worker through fall from height Sibelco sand plant IIR16-03Investigation report 
22 January 2016 Serious injury of an operator while driving Mannering Colliery, Doyalson IIR16-01Investigation report 
November 2015 Exposure to hazardous chemicals Manuka Silver Mine, Cobar NSW IIR16-04 -  
26 November 2015 Worker injured when struck by pipe Ulan West Operations, Ulan, NSW  Investigation report 
6 September 2015 Fatality when crushed in pinch point Ridgeway mine, Cadia Valley Operations, Cadia, NSW IIR15-02Investigation report 
12 August 2015 Komatsu 730E dump truck crushes light vehicle Ashton Coal Handling and Preparation Plant, Hunter Valley NSW IIR15-03 -  
6 June 2015 Open cut highwall failure adjacent to a public road Moolarben Coal Operations – Open Cut, adjacent to Ulan-Wollar Road, Mudgee IIR15-04 -  
9 September 2014 Track mounted excavator tip over Karuah Quarry, Karuah NSW IIR14-06 -  
27 August 2014 Fatality in a residence Cudal Limestone Quarry, Cudal (near Orange), NSW IIR15-01 -  
11 June 2014 Worker dies in underground sump CSA Mine, Cobar NSW IIR14-05 -  
21 May 2014 Fatality when crushed between platform and steel beam Boggabri coal mine IIR14-04Investigation report 
15 April 2014 Double fatality due to major rib/sidewall pressure burst Austar coal mine, Paxton, NSW Hunter Valley


Investigation report

Extract of consultant's report on double fatality at Austar Coal Mine

30 November 2013

Fatal collision between haul dump truck and light vehicle

Ravensworth open cut mine IIR13-06Investigation report 
18 November 2013 D11 dozer slides into an unmarked test hole on a bench Bengalla mine, Upper Hunter Valley NSW IIR14-02 -  
18 October 2013 Light vehicle crushed by D11 dozer Mount Arthur Mine, Upper Hunter Valley NSW IIR14-01 -  
14 July 2013 Unplanned ejection of 18 drill pipes from a gas well Casino, NSW IIR13-05 -  
16 March 2013 Fatality from serious head injury Cobar mine IIR13-01Investigation report 
7 March 2013 Fatal injuries sustained through fall from height Lightning Ridge IIR13-02Investigation report 
12 August 2012 Serious injuries caused by drill rig incident Ashton coal mine IIR13-03Investigation report 
8 June 2012 Serious injuries sustained through fall from height Perilya Broken Hill Southern Operations mine  Investigation report 
7 December 2011 Serious injuries sustained by delivery truck driver Tasman mine IIR13-04Investigation report 
3 June 2011 Fatal injury from falling coal slab Chain Valley Colliery -Investigation reportFurther commentary and extract from MDG 1005
15 May 2011 Worker exposed to significant risk of drowning Mount Thorley Warkworth mine, near Singleton -Investigation report 
5 January 2011 Fire and explosion on Longwall 1 Tailgate Blakefield South mine -Investigation report

CABA T-piece failure - Bureau Veritas

Examination of materials - JW Munday and Associates

Potential lightning ignition sources - Gillespie Power Consultancy

Technical report - Gillies Wu Mining Technology

21 February 2010 Serious inrush incident Cadia East underground mine -Investigation report extractPowerpoint presentation
1 August 2009 Fatality caused by recoiling pipe during directional boring Eastern Star Gas, Narrabri -Investigation reportPowerpoint presentation
4 April 2009 Fatality during maintenance of shearer loader in underground coal mine Integra underground coal mine - - Powerpoint presentation
24 August 2008 Serious head injury sustained from human interaction with backhoe Cadia Valley Operations -Investigation reportPowerpoint presentation
21 August 2008 Serious injury involving longwall service cassettes Beltana mine -Summary investigation reportPowerpoint presentation
25 July 2008 Injury resulting in death involving a mobile bolter Myuna Colliery -Investigation reportPowerpoint presentation
3 March 2008

Serious injury caused by the inadvertent rotation of a bolting rig

Austar underground coal mine -Summary investigation report

Powerpoint presentation

Safety Alert

18 February 2008 Unintended activation of loading bin Ravensworth underground coal mine coal preparation plant -Investigation reportPowerpoint presentation
15 November 2007

Electric shock on 3.3kV equipment at Liddell

Liddell coal preparation plant -Summary investigation report

Powerpoint presentation

Safety Alert

6 November 2007 Serious injury caused by fall from height Perilya Broken Hill Southern Operations -Investigation report

Powerpoint presentation

9 January 2007

Fatal injuries sustained from remote-controlled mining equipment

Perilya underground metal mine -Summary investigation reportPowerpoint presentation
21 March 2006 Elevated work platform incident resulting in injuries Bulga open cut mine -Investigation reportPowerpoint presentation
21 June 2005* Electrical shock during maintenance activities Dartbrook Colliery coal preparation plant - - Powerpoint presentation
12 July 2004* Serious spinal injury sustained during relocation of remote-controlled continuous miner Clarence Colliery underground coal mine -Summary investigation reportPowerpoint presentation
28 May 2004 Serious head injury from chain components Metropolitan Colliery underground coal mine -Summary investigation reportPowerpoint presentation
6 May 1999* Drift winder haulage, winder rope failure Wyee Colliery underground coal mine -Summary investigation reportPowerpoint presentation